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While many game developers are thriving in the new working arrangement a year and a half after the start of the pandemic, some are struggling to stay motivated amid continued isolation, poor connectivity, technical issues and endless delays in meeting the growing demand for online games.

Globe Business – GDAP

To give the game development industry a boost, Globe Business and the Game Developers Association of the Philippines (GDAP) collaborated on a webinar, “How to Telecommute Like a Boss,” to discuss work efficiency at distance from the perspective of game designers and game development companies.

GDAP is a trade association of game companies and studios, game support service providers, and academies that work closely with government and other organizations to promote the video game industry in the Philippines.

The power of connectivity for game developers

At the online event, leading game development company Definite Studios shared their own experience in keeping their employees inspired, efficient and productive in a remote work setup, stressing the importance of good leadership, d ” effective communication and collaboration, useful digital tools and, most importantly, a reliable Internet connection.

“The Wi-Fi and Internet connection is probably the most important thing for our productivity and efficiency, because it is our only way to connect in these times,” said Sean Saquilabon, Head of Marketing and Business Development by Definite Studios.

He pointed out that team collaboration in their business has become smoother and more efficient as the transition to telecommuting – the ability to accomplish work tasks in a remote setup using ‘telecommunication tools such as emails, messaging apps, online collaboration platforms, websites and likes that allowed staff to keep up with projects, communicate faster and share ideas with each other with the others.

Lead remote teams through connectivity and digital solutions

Globe Business, a steadfast partner helping businesses navigate digital transformation, offers connectivity solutions that the game development industry can use to better equip the workforce.

Dannica Prado, Marketing Operations Manager for Globe Business, MSME Group, discussed the different connectivity solutions tailored to employee needs: Prepaid Pocket WiFi and Internet Kits are suitable for mobile employees (working from anywhere / working from home) who need to transfer lightweight files while on the go; Meanwhile, those who need to stay connected and need more bandwidth to share large files can rely on broadband kits to get the job done.

She also mentioned that Globe Business offers cloud-based productivity and collaboration solutions that are relevant to the industry as it adapts to telecommuting.

The Application Programming Interface (API) that will help game developers extend payment options to make their products more accessible to customers is also easily accessible through Globe Business’s Load API solution.

“To win in the new normal setup, especially in a passion-driven industry, it’s important to have three things: time management, discipline to deliver and technology adoption,” Prado said.

To discover more of these connectivity and productivity tools, visit https://go.mybusinessacademy.ph/ICTMonthOffers-GDAPArticle. To learn more about GDAP, visit www.gdap.org.ph. #