Best NFT Game Development Companies in India – 2022

Non-fungible tokens, conveniently referred to as NFTs, made their appearance in 2021. The year saw an uproar from many cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors eager to participate in this evolving market. With this already in the limelight, the market is also catching up with the gambling industry and is expected to raise the level of gambling by incorporating trading. So how does it work? What are NFTs, what makes them so popular and what are the leading NFT game development companies in India? Let’s keep reading to find it all.

What are NFTs and why are they popular?

NFTs are non-fungible digital tokens that are used on smart contracts on blockchains like Ethereum. They are useful in the allocation of assets, as well as their verification via the blockchain.

The NFT fad came to light in 2015. It now has its own vast world with many opportunities for investors, users, businesses and laypersons. Due to the new market that the NFT concept introduced everyone to, individuals can sell virtual properties.

NFTs also play on the gaming front. They are used as an expression of in-game assets such as weapons, avatars, etc. Users can get monetary benefits by trading them in different markets. These games make the most effective NFTs.

Best NFT Game Development Companies in India in 2022

You will find a number of NFT game companies that exist there. But which are the best NFT game development companies? Here is the list.

1. NineHertz

The NineHertz is a leading IT and software consulting company based in Jaipur, India and a household name for developing amazing games globally. This ISO certified company provides robust and reliable NFT game development solutions worldwide. The team works with certified 2D and 3D game developers who have developed over 2000 outstanding game solutions worldwide.


Infosys Limited is an India-based multinational that offers amazing business solutions such as consulting, IT and outsourcing services along with its top notch help in blockchain as well as gaming market. They also have a team of game developers with years of experience who work in AR/VR games and 3D games.

3. Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra is an Indian multinational information technology company founded in 1986 that announced the launch of its non-fungible token marketplace in just a few weeks. The company recently offered a word about creating an NFT marketplace in a bid to capitalize on the potential of its gaming app.

4. Suffescom

Suffescom Solutions is an established NFT game platform development company that is ready to provide solutions to various business owners who are looking for NFT game development services. The great services offered by Suffescom include Crypto Kitties, exclusive characters and virtual landscapes.

5. Infinite Block Technology

Infinite Block Tech is a company that helps companies find innovative solutions for the NFT market. The approach they use to developing NFT games is booming every day. They have a team giving suggestions in advance providing the better than expected endgame solution.

6. Leeway Hertz

LeewayHertz is one of the established players to reckon with as a fantastic NFT game platform development company. The go-get-it and always efficient approach to the NFT marketplace and a team of experienced game developers make LeewayHertz one of the best NFT game development marketplaces.

7. Silicon Computing Hub

Silicon IT Hub is a game development company that provides services worldwide. It has a team of professionals who offer amazing security features to help keep the platform secure. The company quickly achieves success by encompassing the vast world of NFT game development services.

8. DxMinds

DxMinds is yet another name as the best NFT game company in India. This mobile services agency helps startups and businesses maintain their online presence. The company offers assistance with custom web designs as well as the development of complex web applications and games.

9. Apprehensiveness

Appinventiv is an NFT game development company which started with the journey in 2015. Currently, the company is thriving like everything else in the development of the NFT market. It offers a fabulous host of solutions mapping various markets and provides services that are packed with required functions and features.

10. Somish Blockchain Laboratories

Somish Blockchain Labs, founded in 2006, is known for delivering outstanding projects in its 13-year history. The company has been involved in the gaming industry and has also served Fortune 500 customers, governments as well as startups across the globe with great products.

The list is compiled using extensive research on,,, and other websites. Work experience, customer ratings, employee strength, portfolio, and market value were all considered in the study.