Deathloop’s Dinga Bakaba Shares His Experiences Rising Through Game Design

Luck, perseverance and skill

The gaming industry as a whole has evolved a lot over the years. Not least because at some point you could very easily, or at least fairly easily, create a video game with nothing more than a standard computer… while doing it in your garage or basement. Now, the gaming industry is incredibly difficult to break into, and staying there (and with a developer worthy of your time) can be a challenge. For the director of the hit game Deathloop, Dinga Bakaba, his journey has sometimes been even more difficult.

In an interview, he talked about his background in game design, something that at first…he didn’t even know existed:

“In most French articles in magazines, people only talk about developers and programmers, but the term ‘game design’ hasn’t been common at all,” he explains.

“When I came across this term, I immediately put it on Wikipedia and it worked. immediately rained.

He worked hard to learn this craft, and after bouncing around a few places, he ended up at Arkane Studios.

“I’ve always loved immersive sims since Ultima Underworld,” he says. “Arkane’s specialization in this kind of game was always a goal for me when I entered the industry, especially since they were French. When I played the vertical slice [of Dishonored], I felt right away this was the right place for me. This was exactly the kind of game I wanted to make. Like, you’re never getting rid of me.”

And they don’t. He worked on the Disgraced franchise in both main titles and led one of the DLC trips.

Then, some changes took place and he became the director of Deathloop. A game that he made sure there was no crunch about, and that he pushed things in a big way to live up to the reputation that Arkane had. The game worked, and the game sold well and was nominated/won many awards. So his journey was, and is, worth every step he took.

Source: GameIndustry.Biz