Dr Disrespect’s Midnight Society – Game Development Studio Announcement with Robert Bowling and Quinn DelHoyo

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  • Midnight Society is the name of a new game development studio led by Guy Beahm, Robert Bowling, and Quinn DelHoyo. Read the blog post announcement here.
  • the first tweet from the 12h Twitter account has a video and a link to minuitsociety.com.
  • The minuitsociety.com site is live with careers and a blog post.
  • It appears that Dr Disrespect and his team are following the Twitter account “12h”, expect to see the ad via this Twitter profile.

Self-proclaimed online video game superstar Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm is known for his moments of rage and daring marketing ploys that aim to keep viewers on their toes every time they tune in. If you happened to watch video game champion Blockbuster’s YouTube stream yesterday (December 13), you were probably intrigued by the QR code transition that has apparently been incorporated into the show at various times throughout the day.

If you choose to scan the QR code, it will send you to a named Discord group Midnight Society in which different channels are dedicated to announcements, strategic discussions, etc. It is all shrouded in mystery with little other than a tweet from the Dr himself, hinting that it will be the “biggest announcement” of his career to date.

If you dig a little deeper, former Infinity Ward creative strategist and community manager Robert Bowling, also known by his online alias fourzerotwo, is the one who coordinated the Midnight Society Discord invite and spoke in various channels of the group. Beahm has strong ties to the Call of Duty franchise both as a map designer for Advanced Warfare and since then, appearing in various commercials for different iterations of Call of Duty during his content creation career, so the that Bowling was involved is not particularly surprising.

Prior to this new set-up, Beahm previously explained that he was setting up his own game development studio to create games with “mega influencers” in an effort to catapult them to the forefront of public attention. This announcement was accompanied by a list of various positions in an effort to inspire some of the best in the industry to get involved in an exciting new project.

Speaking of which, if you take a look at Bowling’s LinkedIn profile, he posted an article not too long ago, looking to fill various roles for a mysterious studio called VSM. Violence, speed, momentum is The Doc’s brand slogan, so it doesn’t take the greatest of minds to put two and two together.

robert bowling vsmstudio

What we do think is that Beahm has either partnered up with Bowling or brought in Bowling as the studio head for his IP which has yet to be announced, potentially in the shooter genre. to the first person.

Some suggested Beahm would go for some form of gaming NFT, similar to Ubisoft’s, and bring Bowling for the ride, but that seems pretty unlikely given the above post.

Either way, whatever it is, with Beahm’s online tracking and Bowling’s deep roots in the industry, it’s likely the announcement will be significant, especially as Beahm suggests. that this will be the biggest announcement of his career. until now.