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Most people in the world today have loans

Most people in the world today have loans

A quick loan on their account, credit card or overdraft. Most of them have debt. But everyone deals with debts differently. Some fight and go straight, others lay down their arms and wait for the situation to resolve itself. People can get out of big financial problems, bankruptcy, and others can’t get out of small debt.

Each person who is indebted should not be alone, so it is worth that such a person turned to the appropriate people and institutions for help.

How not to get in debt more?

How not to get in debt more?

Debts are a river topic and the topic of unpaid loans and credits is usually very complicated. Often, a family member’s debt is the main cause of many quarrels. People who are in financial trouble and will not be able to pay their bills. In this case, they have to do something, make some changes and believe in themselves. The best solution for you will be to use the following tips

  1. If your monthly debt installments are too high, you can always try to contact the creditor to reduce them. Seeing the willingness to cooperate on our part, the creditor should meet our expectations and adjust the installments so that we can pay them back. Maybe you can even combine all your monthly debts into one convenient installment;
  2. A family loan is better in many respects than another payday loan. The difference is mainly the amount of interest – loan companies always impose a large process, and with a loan from a family member we have the chance to give back as much (or little more) as we borrowed;
  3. In almost every poviat city in Poland, we can find a free legal advice point. Of course, it is open at certain times and specific days of the week, but if we get our queue, we will pay nothing for the professional advice of a lawyer.
  4. Do not take any more loans to pay off your debts.

You can get out of debt!

You can get out of debt!

Due to the fact that debts have always been a rather shameful issue, many people hide their problems with debts from their loved ones. This is a mistake, because hiding problems, suppressing emotions, and also trying to cope with the whole situation independently can lead to depression.

It is known for a long time that a well-made home budget for the indebted often turns out to be the key to success. Creating the perfect home budget is paid for by numerous trials and countless errors, which sometimes takes up to several months. An effective home budget should cover all important financial issues that will help to accurately determine the financial situation of the indebted.

You certainly can’t get out of debt by continuing to live beyond your means. It is necessary to remove from the household budget those expenses which are not intended for living purposes but are merely whims or luxuries. In many cases, accurate financial calculations allow you to generate a significant amount of monthly savings that can be easily spent on paying off debts.

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Loans with collateral http://freeradicalsoftware.com/loans-with-collateral/ http://freeradicalsoftware.com/loans-with-collateral/#respond Wed, 19 Feb 2020 16:14:44 +0000 http://www.freeradicalsoftware.com/loans-with-collateral/ Read More »]]>


Most of the loans you find here are unsecured loans, ie private loans and quick loans, but we have loan brokers who mediate both private loans and loans with collateral. Even if you have payment notes, you have the opportunity to take out a loan with the collateral of these two loan intermediaries, even if the interest rate is higher then. And if you have no comments? Yes, then you can get a really low interest rate.

What is a secured loan?

What is a secured loan?

If you are going to take out a loan with collateral, the lender wants you to have some kind of mortgage for the loan, a mortgage that the lender can take if you cannot repay the loan. Usually this mortgage is usually what you buy for the money, such as a home or a car, but not always. If you already have a home that is low mortgaged, or not mortgaged at all, you can have it as a mortgage instead.

The two most common loans with collateral are mortgages and vehicle loans.

Mortgages – always require a security

Mortgages - always require a security

All mortgages require a security and normally the mortgage you buy is your mortgage. Sure, you can afford a cheap condominium or a small villa in the countryside with a private loan if it doesn’t cost more than USD 500,000, but you shouldn’t do that because the mortgage rate is much lower than the private mortgage rate.

If you are going to take out a mortgage, the following applies:

  • You can borrow a maximum of 85% of the home with a mortgage and 15% you have to pay in cash, which you can either cover with your own money or with a private loan, or both.
  • As of June 1, 2016, you must repay at least 2% of the original loan amount per year if you have a loan-to-value ratio of over 70% and at least 1% at a loan-to-value ratio of 50 – 70%, so if your loan-to-value ratio is not below 50%, you can Do not get an amortization-free loan.
  • You can choose between a variable and fixed mortgage rate. A variable mortgage rate means that you only fix the interest rate for 3 months at a time, which in practice means that the floating mortgage rate does not change more often than every three months. If you want to fix the interest rate, you can do so for 6 months up to 10 years. Historically, you earn from having a variable mortgage interest rate (at least in the long term), while a fixed interest rate makes it easier to plan your finances and does not suffer any interest shock.

If you have a high salary and a large mortgage loan, lender recommends that you obtain an income insurance so that you can continue to pay for your loan should you become unemployed, because there is no further need to sell his home in order to receive compensation from A – the cash register is too low.

Vehicle loans

Vehicle loans

If you are going to buy a car or a motorbike, you can have the vehicle as collateral for the loan, but you can only lend 80% of the vehicle and pay the rest out of your own pocket or with a private loan. There are also other vehicle loans, for example for snowmobiles, boats and caravans, which also require security. These loans are called by some banks for leisure loans.

But you do not necessarily need to take out a loan with collateral if you are going to buy a car, motorcycle or any other vehicle, you might as well pay for it with a loan without collateral if the vehicle does not cost more than USD 350 000 – 500 000. The interest rate for a private loan can certainly be a little higher but not always. You can see what the differences are between the different loans in our article on car loans, because even if the article is about car loans, it works much like other vehicle loans.

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Can you pay a credit card with another credit card? http://freeradicalsoftware.com/can-you-pay-a-credit-card-with-another-credit-card/ http://freeradicalsoftware.com/can-you-pay-a-credit-card-with-another-credit-card/#respond Tue, 11 Feb 2020 15:50:41 +0000 http://www.freeradicalsoftware.com/can-you-pay-a-credit-card-with-another-credit-card/ Read More »]]>

The incorrect use of credit cards is a very common practice among active account holders of commercial banks. Proof of this is that 8 out of 10 people who went to Good Finance during 2017, did not know the correct way to calculate the interests of their bank cards and that was the reason that led them to add debts of 140 thousand USD on average, another One thing in common among them is that “they found it easy to pay one card with another.”

All of us, who have a credit product, have the right (and obligation) to learn how to pay by credit card and ask one or a thousand times all the questions that arise.

It is very important to verify what the Total Annual Cost (CAT) is , what amount the financial entity asks for due to annuity, what is the charge for non-payment, for physical replacement, and one of the most important: what is the commission that Applies when making cash withdrawals.



Depending on the credit card you have, it will be the charge you will have to pay to the bank. In some cases, the interest rate for cash disposition is the same as that of your purchases, additional to a commission per event , that is, per withdrawal transaction; However, in most cases the application varies according to the product you handle.

So considering that, according to an analysis, most credit institutions apply a commission of 10% on the amount of cash you request, not only will the daily interest rate be applied, but also the commission for the provision.

Don’t you think about paying one card with another …


When you have two or more debts on different cards, it may seem the solution to those times when for some reason we do not have the possibility to settle any charge; However, doing so could bring many more problems than solutions, don’t you think?

I insist, if this comes to mind, it is because you are already presenting problems to cover your monthly payments, you are not solving your problem. Debts can easily get out of control and become a snowball that permanently affects your economy.

So, when someone asks you if you should pay one card with another, the answer to this question is very short and clear: NO.

There are other options

The first thing you should do is recognize what your situation is, because there are two scenarios:

A) You are late in your payment obligations with a bank and you can definitely not pay anymore

If this is your case, the best option is to approach a credit repair company like Good Finance. What it will do is get you a discount of up to 70% on the total debt. In addition, it will provide you with legal and financial advice so that, through a savings account, you acquire good financial habits and avoid falling back into indebtedness.

B) You are behind on your debts, your income does allow you to continue paying the bank, but you want to get better payment terms

If this is your case, there are two alternatives:
  • Balance transfer: That is, pass the debts of all your cards (no matter if they are from different banks), to one that has a lower interest rate. The advantage is that it will be easier and especially cheap to pay your debts and you will have more control of them. The disadvantage is that not everyone can request a card to transfer their balance and get better payment terms, the line of credit they provide is usually assigned by the financial institution and can depend on each client.
  • Debt consolidation through a loan: There are very attractive alternatives in Fintech marking. For example, Cream Bank, which offers you credits from 20 thousand to 350 thousand USD and handles personalized rates that can range from 9.9% to 28.9%, the only requirement (in addition to official documents such as identification, proof of address and income) is Have a good credit history.

But whatever credit you choose … here we list everything you need to pay attention to:

But whatever credit you choose ... here we list everything you need to pay attention to:

  • Compare the interest rate currently applied by the bank and opt for the credit that manages a lower CAT than the one you are paying.
  • Research the bank or company you plan to choose.
  • Ask all the questions that arise, as some institutions condition the obtaining of credit with the purchase of insurance. (This is intended to protect themselves, find out how expensive it is).
  • As it is a non-revolving loan, it will be easier to use it for a particular purpose, such as the payment of debts, since it will not be reused once it has been settled. (Remember that revolving credit is a type of credit that can be used repeatedly and does not have a set number of installments).

Now you know! There are alternatives for everyone, share this post to those who need it most. Start managing yourself and avoid reaching a level of overindebtedness that you cannot control.

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Credit for the wedding: you should note http://freeradicalsoftware.com/credit-for-the-wedding-you-should-note/ http://freeradicalsoftware.com/credit-for-the-wedding-you-should-note/#respond Wed, 15 Jan 2020 15:52:26 +0000 http://www.freeradicalsoftware.com/credit-for-the-wedding-you-should-note/ Read More »]]>


It should be unique, unforgettable and simply wonderful: You have very precise ideas about the “most beautiful day in your life”. Perhaps you have a big celebration in mind with the whole family and many friends and acquaintances. Maybe it can also be a small and very exclusive event in a special place. Whatever your ideas about your perfect marriage – with a loan, even wishes come true that you may not be able to afford from existing reserves.

If a wedding loan is planned wisely, you can fulfill your individual dreams and still be debt-free in the foreseeable future.

Do loans make sense to finance a wedding?

Do loans make sense to finance a wedding?

Financing experts and bank advisers often recommend that you only start financing for things for which you will receive a value-retaining item in return. If one follows this maxim, the purchase of a car (eg via a car loan) or the purchase of new home furnishings can be financed well (usually realized through a consumer loan). On the other hand, a big trip or wedding celebration are less likely. This approach is understandable against the background that financing usually has a term of several years.

The rule of thumb is that you should use the funded item for at least the duration of the loan. On the other hand, a trip or a celebration is fleeting. However, this advice from the financial experts does not necessarily have to be followed.

Of course you make a long-term financial commitment with your financing. You have to reliably pay the loan rate to the bank every month and have the budget at your disposal. However, thanks to the low cost of financing, it is now quite common to finance “ephemeral” things, such as a wedding party. If you tailor the loan agreement to your individual financial options, you will receive flexible and affordable financing that leaves you enough scope for everyday life with your small family.

What questions should you clarify before signing the contract?

What questions should you clarify before signing the contract?

Before you sign the contract with a bank, the most important criteria of your financing must be checked. This includes:

  • the amount of the loan
  • the length of the term
  • Payment of special repayments
  • the amount of the monthly loan installment
  • the funding fees

What you should pay attention to in detail can be found in the next paragraphs.

How much should the loan amount for wedding financing be?

How much should the loan amount for wedding financing be?

On the one hand, when calculating the loan amount, you have to make sure that it is sufficient to finance your celebration. Otherwise, in the end you will still be forced to use your reserves or make concessions. On the other hand, it should not be too high, because you obviously want to repay your liabilities as quickly as possible. On average, the cost of a wedding is between 10,000 and 20,000 dollars, and there are of course no upper limits.

Therefore, try to calculate the financing amount as realistically as possible. Get offers for your event and make a pre-selection. If you want to partially use your own funds, subtract them from the calculated loan requirement. This is how you get the necessary loan amount. If you need help with the cost breakdown, see How much does a wedding cost? a list of the costs incurred.

How long should the term be?

How long should the term be?

The term directly affects your monthly loan installment. The longer the financing is repaid, the lower your monthly rate. If you want to be debt-free as soon as possible, set the credit rate as high as your monthly budget allows. This is how you shorten the contract term immediately.

What needs to be considered for special repayments?

Special repayments are repayments for your liability that you pay in addition to the monthly loan installment. This reduces your remaining debt. Most banks accept special repayments without charging a prepayment penalty. Your credit rate remains constant per month, but the financing is paid back in full earlier. You can always make special repayments if you have saved a certain amount, although some banks require a minimum amount as special repayments. When comparing bank loans, pay attention to the conditions your donor demands for special repayments. You can find out more here.

How much can the monthly loan installment be?

As a guideline, the monthly rate for your financing should be set so high that on the one hand you can pay it securely over a longer period of time and on the other hand you pay off as much as possible. You can determine the monthly credit rate by comparing your monthly expenses with the income. Your earnings should of course be higher than your expenses. You can estimate around 80 percent of the excess amount as a monthly loan installment.

What are the fees for the bank loan?

In the first place, the interest for your financing will be charged. They represent the costs you pay for the bank’s service. Added to this are the fees that the bank charges. The best way to get a feel for how high the fees are to look at the fixed interest rate and the effective interest rate per year. The smaller the difference between the two interest rates, the lower the fees. Incidentally, the banks may not charge processing fees for wedding financing, so you should make sure that the bank does not charge them in comparison. Simply use our loan calculator and compare numerous online loans here without fees.

At what time should you apply for wedding funding?

So that you can continue the preparations for your wedding, you should not apply for the wedding credit just before the event. Remember that processing and payment takes a few days. It can easily take ten to 15 working days from the application to the transfer of the money. Therefore, make your loan application as early as possible.

Does residual debt insurance make sense?

With large loan amounts and long terms, residual debt insurance can be sensible. The financing bank may even ask you to provide appropriate protection. However, it may not require you to take out this insurance with a particular company. Compare the prices and benefits of the residual debt insurance before you conclude the contract.

Why is it important to compare wedding credits?

Why is it important to compare wedding credits?

The conditions of the banks for your wedding financing differ enormously. A comparison will help you find the right financing for your needs at low interest rates. You can carry out a credit comparison online quickly and conveniently. We you can compare many loan offers in detail and choose the bank that best suits your individual wishes and options.

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Credit for Braces http://freeradicalsoftware.com/credit-for-braces/ http://freeradicalsoftware.com/credit-for-braces/#respond Fri, 10 Jan 2020 16:01:58 +0000 http://www.freeradicalsoftware.com/credit-for-braces/ Read More »]]>

A malposition of the teeth is not infrequently detected in children. If this misalignment is not treated, it may not only lead to mental stress, but also to medical ones. The whole jaw can suffer, which can cause pain. Cost not only causes the braces, but also the impressions made by the teeth and the dimension. If you don’t want the standard range of braces, you still have to expect costs. A loan for braces can help here.

How are the costs?

How are the costs?

Health insurance companies only pay for the standard model of braces. This means that the wire is very visible, the brackets are larger and also the connectors. If the brackets should not cover almost the entire tooth, then the person concerned has to pay for it themselves. Imprints of the teeth are made at regular intervals, because this is the only way the orthodontist can document the course of treatment.

In addition, the jaw is also regularly measured so that the teeth are actually in the position they should be. The health insurance covers 80 percent of the costs during the entire treatment period, which takes around three years. For the time being, the patient has to pay the remaining 20 percent himself. He receives the money from the health insurance company, but only when the treatment is complete. This is how the health insurance company wants to prevent treatment from being stopped. Patients who are of legal age must wear braces themselves if they do not necessarily have to be worn from a medical point of view. These costs can be covered by a loan for braces.

Where to apply for the loan

Where to apply for the loan

Patients can apply for a loan from either the orthodontist or the bank. Since it is a total of a maximum of 2,000 dollars, it is usually a small loan. Here only the requirements of a fixed salary and a job must be given. Otherwise the credit rating may still be checked. However, banks often refrain from doing so if the applicant also has an account with this bank. If you want to save money on a loan for braces, you should not do without a loan comparison. This covers all costs and can filter out the best offer.

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Canceled Debt Taxes for a Short Sale http://freeradicalsoftware.com/canceled-debt-taxes-for-a-short-sale/ http://freeradicalsoftware.com/canceled-debt-taxes-for-a-short-sale/#respond Mon, 30 Dec 2019 17:06:17 +0000 http://www.freeradicalsoftware.com/canceled-debt-taxes-for-a-short-sale/ Read More »]]>

If you are looking for a short sale tax credit, not every seller will be entitled to forgiveness after a short sale. However, a major change in tax laws helps millions of home sellers who owe more on their mortgages than their homes are worth. These sellers have a negative equity – a condition that is popularly known as upside down or under water. Legislation that went on the books at the start of 2007 benefits a significant number of upside downers and does nothing at all for others.


The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act

The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act

This is how the break works. Suppose Sela Sellers discards her hometown in an okayed short sale lender that knew the unpaid portion of her mortgage. Or suppose the lender forecloses on the property then sells and cancels part of her debt. In general, the tax code requires Saddle to report partially or fully forgiven amounts on its 1040. Not anymore. The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007 contains a provision that allows home sellers such as Sela to exclude as much as $ 2,000,000 canceled debt.

Sela excluding (Sidesteps) taxes only if it meets two provisions:

  • The security for her mortgage is her main residence, which means that the place where she usually lives most of the year.
  • She is in debt to buy, build or significantly improve her main residence.


Canceled Debt on a short sale

Canceled Debt on a short sale

There is no relief for Sela’s home equity loans or cash-out mortgage refinancing, except to the extent that she uses the proceeds to make improvements. Other fine print prohibits relief as its lenders forgive debts on vacation homes and second homes or rental properties.

Long-term rules generally require debtors to report all forgiven debts on their 1040 forms, just like income from wages or investments. The Internal Revenue Service taxes forgive amounts at the rates for ordinary income from sources such as salaries. Some forgiven debts bypass taxes. The law lists several carefully covered exceptions. They have bankruptcies and bankruptcies.


Exclusions canceled Debt Taxation

Exclusions canceled Debt Taxation

The exception introduced in 2007 for the benefit of whose debts are being reduced or withdrawn schemes known as:

  • loan changes
  • foreclosures
  • Acts instead of foreclosure
  • Short sales This last category is the term for an owner who – with lender approval – sells for a net selling price (gross sales minus legal fees, broker’s commissions and other costs), which is insufficient to cover all of the outstanding debt.
    • In fiscal jargon, the exclusion of income from the removal of QPRI, shortly before qualified principal place of debt. This means individuals taken to buy, build, or significantly improve their most important homes. And the houses are the effects for the debts.
    • There is also an exclusion for debts reduced by mortgage restructuring, as well as for debt used to refinance QPRI. Here there is relief, but only up to the amount of the old principal mortgage, just before the refinancing.
    • Another limitation is that the exclusion does not help homeowners who took advantage of the run-up of real estate prices on “cash-out” refinancing, in which they do not have the funds not to use for renovations of their primary homes. Instead, they used the funds to pay off credit card debts, tuition fees, medical expenses, or certain other expenses.
    • Tax on canceled the debt for a short sale does not apply in the state of California, under most circumstances, due to California Code Civil Code 580E. The road to a California short sale approach is unique about the laws that govern short sales in other states. Part of the relief is due to the fact that banks are not allowed to continue sellers after closing for a deficit.

Furthermore, be careful that canceled debt is not just a federal matter. You may need to check with your own state to find out the tax options that apply to your own situation. For example, the Franchise Tax Board issued a letter in California exempting most homeowners.

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Why are loans with real estate collateral? http://freeradicalsoftware.com/why-are-loans-with-real-estate-collateral/ http://freeradicalsoftware.com/why-are-loans-with-real-estate-collateral/#respond Sat, 28 Dec 2019 15:36:13 +0000 http://www.freeradicalsoftware.com/why-are-loans-with-real-estate-collateral/ Read More »]]> Probably anyone who wants to borrow money will consider a loan without collateral. It is logical, of course, to stop the “guard over your head” when you can borrow even without liability. It sounds simple, but it’s not that simple.


You will not succeed in a bank without proof of income and clean registers

money loans

You can get a loan without real estate collateral from the bank up to the amount of USD 600,000 – according to the current offer of individual banks. Banking institutions scrutinize the applicant’s credit history very closely and consistently and look at the bank’s and non-bank credit registers of debtors. If the borrower has negative records in the registers, even five years later, the bank will refuse the loan. Such a troubled client in the banking sector will not receive funds even if he guarantees real estate.

Banks have additional claims on applicants and impose additional conditions on them, also because of the Consumer Credit Act. Anyone applying for a loan at the bank must provide proof of income. Applicants who are headed by the labor office, unemployed or working illegally have the door closed at the bank.

Applicants who fail in their application have the option to obtain a non-bank loan from a non-bank company licensed by the CCB.


How much can you borrow from a non-banking company

borrow money

Non-banking companies provide loans to applicants who have records in debtors’ registers of up to approximately USD 30,000 without pledging real estate. They are mostly companies that offer loans for a shorter period of time, but with enough interest. The APRC of such loans goes to dizzying heights.

If the applicant has a distraint, then no one will grant him a loan without collateral. There is a risk that the applicant may go into insolvency and the unsecured creditor in insolvency proceedings receives on average only 30 – 40% of the claim.

In the Czech Republic, an applicant can obtain a loan without pledge only if it does not have negative records in the debtors’ registers and is sufficiently creditworthy. Such loans are provided by banks or certain non-banking companies associated in the SOLUS register.


The solution is non-bank loans collateral property

home loan

If someone needs to borrow a sum of more than USD 100,000 and the bank fails their application, they can use a loan with collateral. The main reason why loans are provided against real estate collateral is to secure the receivable in full even if the applicant goes into insolvency.

Other financial products, such as bank mortgages for the purchase and reconstruction of real estate or American mortgages, will not do without the necessary collateral.

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Cheap online instant loans http://freeradicalsoftware.com/cheap-online-instant-loans/ http://freeradicalsoftware.com/cheap-online-instant-loans/#respond Thu, 26 Dec 2019 15:25:55 +0000 http://www.freeradicalsoftware.com/cheap-online-instant-loans/ Read More »]]>

Everyone is probably familiar with the situation that financial means that a purchase, repair or other emergency situation must be raised that are simply not available or not available in full. Cheap online instant loans can be a good alternative to a loan from the house bank.

However, with the loans offered online, it is very important to find out exactly what the credibility of the lender is and to look at various customer reviews and test reports from relevant financial service testers on the Internet. Under no circumstances should you simply go blue-eyed to an online instant loan.

Subsidiaries of the house banks

Subsidiaries of the house banks

Especially in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčinstant online loans, many well-known banks also offer online loans through subsidiaries. So it is always worthwhile, especially if you have a good credit rating, to study the online offers before you start talking to your house bank. Various comparison portals help you choose the right credit company so that you can quickly get cheap online instant loans. This is where terms, interest rates and loan amounts are compared and anyone who has found the right offer can apply for a loan online.

In many cases, a loan approval is available almost immediately if the creditworthiness is given. In many cases, the subsidiaries of the house banks offer credit at considerably more favorable terms. So if you don’t want to finance real estate financing, but only need a relatively small amount for a new car or an upcoming repair and who has no problems with the creditworthiness, it can definitely be worthwhile to compare cheap online instant loans.

A solution even in difficult life situations

A solution even in difficult life situations

Even in difficult life situations, an online loan can be the cheaper alternative to a loan from a house bank. In many cases, the house banks apply much stricter standards under which conditions they grant their loans. And certain groups of people are excluded from lending from the outset. Even in such a situation, if the conversation with the house bank was not a pleasant one, an online loan with immediate approval can be an alternative.

If you take a close look at your life situation and can realistically estimate what rate you can apply monthly, the various loan calculators that are available online show you the amount that you can receive as an online loan. Now it is up to you to compare cheap instant online loans with each other and to apply for a loan to your favorite. In some cases, it can have a positive effect on the loan commitment and also on the interest if a second borrower is specified.

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