GadCapital: How to use credit card to buy $2,500 worth of online video games 

  • Using a third-party website, my youngster was tricked into signing into Roblox, a popular online game for children.
  • Her Roblox account, which was linked to my Chase Sapphire Reserve® card, was hacked, and hackers were able to charge her $2,500.
  • A credit card benefit like no fraud liability may save you tens of thousands of dollars in damages.

When it comes to most of our regular bills and spending, we use a credit cards to build reward points. Once a month, I sit ew our transactions and make entire paympaymentsour credit card balance.

In the middle of July, I sat down to check through my Chase Sapphire Reserve® statement and was doing just that. However, I had the shock of my life on this specific day!

Additional to the usual expenses on my account, such as food, restaurants, and energy bills, I had hundreds of Roblox charges on my account.

As soon as I heard the news, I went into full-on panic mode, figuring out how this had occurred. My preteen children both have Roblox installed on their phones, but they had never made a large number of charges on their accounts. Because my husband had set up purchase authorization on their phones, they would have had to know and input our secret security code, which I knew for a fact.

My children are far from ideal, but I was sure they wouldn’t do anything like that.

I began to tally up the expenses. On my Chase Sapphire Reserve® account, Roblox transactions totaled $2,500. In certain circumstances, the prices ranged from $19 to $39 to even $75.

That’s when my husband and I finally discovered what had occurred when we could go into our youngest child’s Roblox account on her phone.

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Learned lessons from a Roblox fraud

As soon as my daughter arrived home from school that day, my husband and I began questioning her about the several Roblox charges we’d seen on her account. To make a long story short, we discovered that she had been accessing Roblox via a third-party website, where she had been promised more Roblox points.

Meanwhile, my daughter’s phone had just undergone an upgrade that eliminated parental control over transactions. It was only after we became aware of what had transpired.

That made sense to us, even though we don’t know precisely how the fraud went on from there. As a result, many of the transactions on her account were made in quick succession and often in multiple denominations of $20 to $50 in a single minute. Many purchases and so much money were spent even if our kid had elected to use Roblox. She would never do something like that.

It was a perfect chance to remind our daughter that she should never give out her log-in information to anybody, even if the site were giving stuff away for free. This site had somehow hacked into her account, making all these charges, and we conveyed this to her.

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The fact that she had no notion left her sad. She was also concerned that we wouldn’t be able to recover the $2,500 charged to her Roblox account because of the way the transactions were made.

How we recouped our losses

I was concerned about seeing so many unauthorized purchases on my credit card, but I wasn’t apprehensive about fixing the situation… As it turned out, my account was tied to a Chase credit card, and Chase is well-known for its strong security measures against illegal purchases. On other Chase accounts in the past, I’ve had great experience fighting fraudulent charges, so I was sure it would all work out.

After seeing the charges, I immediately phoned Chase to begin a dispute on all the fraudulent Roblox transactions on my credit card. Because Roblox payments were started on my daughter’s iPhone, we also contacted Apple about the scam.

I received an immediate temporary credit for all the purchases, but my credit card account was wiped clean within a week. To be cautious, we withdrew all of my daughter’s payment methods from her phone after this happened, which made me feel a lot better.

The gist of it

Although the events surrounding my kid’s Roblox account left me less than pleased, they did serve to confirm something I previously held to be true. I never use my debit card to make transactions, and I never connect my bank account to anything. So many things may go wrong, and your responsibility for illegal transactions is not the same as that of credit cards, which have a zero-fraud liability.

Here are four reasons to switch from debit cards to credit cards:

If you dig hard enough, you may discover examples of fraudulent transactions leading to chaos. The BBC reported a family’s $3,700 expenditure on a game called Hidden Artifacts, which cost them 3,160 euros. He was out of all of his money. However, the family has not been able to get their money back from iTunes or the game developer.

According to a piece in The Guardian, an 11-year-old girl built up $2,810 in Roblox costs via her mother’s PayPal account. In the end, Apple agreed to reimburse the family for less than 760 euros of the unlawful expenses.

My Chase Sapphire Reserve® card offers many great features, although not all of them revolve around rewards. The cardholder advantage of zero fraud responsibility should not be taken for granted.