Game development studio is giving employees a day off to play Elden Ring

Employees of a game development studio are told they have the day off to stay home and play Elden Ring on its release date.

For gamers, the hype for a major game release can reach extreme heights. For years gamers have been eagerly checking their calendars waiting for the next major video game to hit store shelves, and right now that honor belongs to Ring of Elden.

Ring of Elden Already receiving tons of praise from early reviewers, and gamers are counting the hours until they can get their hands on the title. While some gamers will be watching the clock waiting for the end of the workday to get home and get started, some lucky game developers will have a day off just to play.


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The release of Eden Ring is monumental, and with its Japan-based developer, it has worldwide hype. This is what led a Japanese game development company to declare on February 25 Ring of Elden‘, under the name ‘Elden Holiday’ and gave its employees a day off to go play. As the leaders of Pocket Pair put it, they “imagine that [staff] can’t concentrate on work” on the day of Ring of Eldenthe exit. Rather than forcing his employees to struggle to do so anyway, he opted to give them the Friday of his release off and even allows employees to stay home the following Monday if they so choose.

It’s a move that’s surely popular with Pocket Pair employees and arguably smart for other employers. Gamers have been calling in sick and scheduled days off around major game releases like Skyrim in the past, which may have left companies struggling to cover their work for the day. In that sense, especially in the gaming industry, it may make more sense to just give workers a day off. Gamers can stay home and play, and anyone who doesn’t like video games in their spare time can just enjoy an extra vacation.

With Ring of Elden hype at its peak, there are probably plenty of FromSoftware fans out there who wish their employers were this generous. However, avid gamers might recall a similar story from this time last year. That’s because another game studio, VR dev Mark-on, went ahead and gave its employees a day off to go play. Rise of the Monster Hunter to the output. While it might be too much to hope that all employers consider video games, it’s nice to see more game developers acknowledging the big hits that are coming out and letting their employees check them out at their leisure.

Ring of Elden releases February 25 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Kotaku


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