Gameforge forms a new in-house game development studio

online games publisher gameforge announced the creation of a new in-house game development studio at its headquarters in Karlsruhe, Germany.

The company has appointed Dennis Schulz, a former Lead Product Manager, as Head of Studio, who will report directly to the company’s Chief Product Officer, Tomislav Perkovic.

Schulz will lead new game development at Gameforge and build a new team from scratch. Gameforge opened Jobs to fill new roles in game development, art, marketing and design for the new division, investing heavily in staff as well as equipment.

Dennis Schulz is a senior professional with nearly ten years of gaming experience. After serving as Executive Producer at Goodgame Studios, he joined Gameforge as Lead Product Manager in 2018.

Throughout his decade-long career, he shipped countless games and led long-running live game teams.

In his new role, Schulz is responsible for the day-to-day management of the studio as well as leading Gameforge in new areas of the game.

The company plans to explore new technologies such as blockchain NFTs and implement them into new titles specifically designed for them.

“Gameforge had early success right after establishing itself in 2003 with OGame, a browser-based space strategy game that I wrote on my own before the studio was founded. We were a developer first and a publisher then, but over the years we moved more and more into publishing, until we stopped developing new games in-house altogether,” says Alexander Rösner, Founder and CEO of Gameforge. Now, we’re finally ready to revive the game’s forge and start building again. These are exciting times for our company, and I am happy to pass the newly lit torch of internal development to Dennis, who has done a great job for us over the past few years.

Dennis Schulz added, “I am very honored to have this chance to lead such a pivotal effort in Gameforge’s future plans and to reinvigorate the proud tradition of in-house game development with a new team, a new vision and new technologies.”

The new studio will continue to ramp up over the next few months, aiming to have a stable team of seasoned developers.

Some roles will be hired internally, but Gameforge is conducting a search for external candidates to fill the majority of roles.

The studio will follow an agile MVP approach and quickly explore prototypes to find effective formulas. Although some of the new projects are related to blockchain and NFT technology, Gameforge has no plans to add any of these mechanics to their existing titles.