How game development can be more sustainable

The first-ever WASD lasted only a few too-short days, but the speakers and panel discussions at the event yielded lessons worth preserving. That’s why we upload all WASD discussions to our Youtube channelincluding a presentation on sustainability in the games industry by Dr. Tomas Rawlings, Studio Director at Auroch Digital.

As Rawlings points out, climate change is an existential threat to human life as we know it, and while we all love a good post-apocalyptic game like Fallout once in a while, those aren’t settings in which we would really like to live 24/7. “When you’re thinking post-apocalyptic, and getting ready for the apocalypse, the best way — by far — is not to have it,” Rawlings says.

For gamers, Rawlings says it’s important to get involved in sustainability-focused events and support games with eco-friendly studios and themes. Developers can invest in renewable resources and reduce data-intensive processes. Everyone, he says, should work for change at the political level by supporting leaders who prioritize climate change policies and sustainability.

Here is Rawlings’ speech in full:

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