Learn Unreal Engine Game Development With This $35 Online Course Bundle

If you’re a hobbyist programmer interested in Unreal Engine development, we have an eLearning package that might come in handy. The Ultimate Learn Unreal Game Development Bundle includes five courses focused on Unreal Engine development. During the long weekend, you can get lifetime access to these courses for just $35 through GameSpot Deals.

Classes are taught by the experts at GameDev.tv, an experienced online learning institution that offers online game development courses. In total, the package is valued at over $800, as most courses regularly cost close to $200 and have over 95 hours of instruction.

Each of the five classes covers a different aspect of game design. Two introductory courses teach you the basics of C++ and walk you through creating a handful of basic games in Unreal Engine. From there, you’ll move on to bigger concepts like adding multiplayer to your games, creating cutscenes, and developing VR.

Not interested in Unreal Engine? GameSpot Deals also has a set of courses focused on Unity game development . For $40, you get eight courses that cover a wide variety of topics, including designing battle royales, creating pixel art, and creating games without coding.