New York Mayor funds $2 million to transform the city into a hub for North American video game development

New York Mayor funds $2 million to transform the city into a hub for North American video game development

The City University of New York (CUNY) recently established a new bachelor’s degree program aimed at developing video game development in New York (NYC): the Digital Game Design program. With the help of Eric Adams, Mayor of New York, and his office, Long Island University will be the first college in New York to offer a degree related to the video game industry. The NYC the mayor intends to help fund the bachelor’s degree program by giving the university $2 million to provide students with a “public and affordable option” to pursue a career in the games industry.

The main reason Adams wants to make video game development education affordable is to make NYC a city of video game companies. Surprisingly, NYC is sixth when it comes to measuring the number of video game business locations per city in the United States. NYC and fifth-place Chicago are close together; however, the two major cities pale in comparison to the top four cities in terms of the number of video game companies. In descending order, San Francisco, Austin, Los Angeles/Santa Monica, and Seattle/Bellevue make up the top four cities, with each city having at least twice the number of businesses compared to Chicago and New York. Because of this West Coast dominance, Adams states that he wants to “diversify the gaming realm” by building NYC’s presence as the next hub of video game development. Adams says:

New York City has always been the center of innovation, but it’s time for New York City to take it to the next level and finally become a leader in the digital gaming space… It’s time to leverage of all the talent we have here in New York by investing in the future of the game.

CUNY President Vincent Boudreau joined Adams’ sentiment with:

Young people in our communities, growing up in an environment where gaming and digital consumption skills are ubiquitous, are fully prepared to make gaming a pathway to strong careers for themselves and support the economic development of the community. town.