Ohio University launches major in virtual reality and game development

If you are interested in pursuing a career in immersive technologies, you can start by obtaining your degree in this field. Starting this fall, Ohio University is offering an undergraduate major in Virtual Reality and Game Development (VRGD). Throughout the program, students will learn to use modern immersive technology primarily for communication purposes, with an emphasis on aspects of ethical and social improvements.

Major in Virtual Reality and Game Development – a necessary addition to the educational offer

The new program received approval for the creation of the Ohio University Board of Trustees in April 2021 and was subsequently also approved by the State of Ohio and the Higher Learning Commission.

By adding this addition to its educational offering, the University has recognized the fact that there is a need for trained and qualified professionals in emerging technologies. Thus, higher education institutions should be able to equip students with the skills and knowledge required by the new jobs now available in the labor market, such as VR developer, game developer, 3D artist and 36 degree filmmaker. .

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The major in Virtual Reality and Game Development will be available at the Scripps College of Communication at the J. Warren McClure School of Emerging Communication Technologies.

“We expect that as the requirements for delivering very high-quality immersive experiences increase, our students will be in a strong position to understand not only cutting-edge technologies in VR / AR and game development, but also how the underlying communication technology could be used, “ Dr. Julio Aráuz, associate professor and principal of the McClure School, said in a press release.

Who can register for the new VRGD program?

In order to be eligible to enroll in this major, students must have a minor in Business Studies or Communication. These minors give students the basic knowledge they need to understand the concepts taught during the major.

“Students in the program will take courses in the fundamentals of networking and scripting technology. This will allow them to acquire a better ability to design solutions that efficiently use resources to deliver high quality experiences ”, said Aráuz explaining what students can expect to learn during the course.“This makes our VRGD program unique, as all students will have access to the information networks and laboratory environments of the Internet of Things, which will give them the opportunity to create distinctive experiences. ”

Combine theoretical knowledge with a practical approach

Students who choose the major in Virtual Reality and Game Development will be able to use the Immersive Game Design and Research Lab (GRID), open to all students of Scripps College. The laboratory is equipped with various new technologies, which allows students to test their theoretical knowledge and acquire practical skills.

The director of the lab, Associate Professor John Bowditch, explained some of the facilities that students can use:

“Each student will have access to our Motion Lab, XR Lab, cine-VR Labs, GRID Lab Studios (video, audio, VR, augmented reality and game equipment cashier room) and the Mixed Reality Course (VR obstacle course ). We want our students to take full advantage of the GRID Lab from their first day of school.

Ohio University – Transformation Leader in Education

The major in Virtual Reality and Game Development offered by Ohio University is the result of more than 15 years of investment in game research and interactive technologies. McClure School graduates now work for leading companies that develop immersive experiences, such as Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Unity, Apple, and Google.

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With this latest major, Ohio University wants to ensure that the immersive technology industry continues to thrive, with young and enthusiastic professionals who have the latest skills and abilities to create competitive products and content.

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