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Code Coven, the world’s leading award-winning game development accelerator for underrepresented talent, is using the grant provided by Unity’s Charitable Fund along with support from two of the biggest names in gaming to launch its latest “Code Coven Create : The Solstice Program”. The program, which is supported by the Charity Fund of Unity, Riot Games and Xbox, aims to guide 10 teams through their development journey in creating social impact games with the aim of launching them commercially to investors. , publishers and potential studios.

Earlier this year, the Unity Benevolent Fund generously awarded a $100,000 grant, enabling the Introduction to Game Creation course by Code Coven. This new program comes into action following the success of the original program, which offered novice game developers structured advice, mentorship and financial support.

“Code Coven Create: The Solstice Program” runs for 12 weeks from August 8 through October 28.

The course is open to underrepresented groups within the industry who wish to learn prototyping. The course provides tips from Code Coven, Unity’s Charitable Fund, Riot Games, and Xbox partners and mentors.

Selected entrants will apply in teams of up to five members and create interactive experiences including games, educational platforms, VR and XR outlets focused on social impact. Unity has made great commitments to social impact and defines it as “the concentration of the power of our talents, our technology and our grants to enable everyone to foster a more sustainable and inclusive world”.

With social impact at the center, Code Coven Create: The Solstice Program also aims to:

Teach developers how to effectively run a Sprint Zero

Enable developers to design and build prototypes focused on social impact

That each team leaves with a prototype that will prepare them for future funding opportunities.

Democratize access to lesser-known topics, such as financing

Reach the world’s majority developers

Develop the networks of everyone, from participants to mentors to speakers and Code Coven

Tara Mustapha, Founder and CEO of Code Coven, said, “It has been a real pleasure to continue our work with Unity, and we can see tangible results indicating that we are making a difference for the whole industry by offering courses unique and tailored to our cohorts. Being able to bring and work with Riot Games, Xbox, and Clever Endeavor only further underscores that the games industry welcomes change and is open to a wide range of developers. Teams who enroll in this course learn so much and the access given to them is definitely a chance not to be missed!

“We are thrilled to support Code Coven’s work to increase access and opportunity for underrepresented developers, providing them with the skills and knowledge to excel in the gaming and creative technology industries.” said Kevin Truong, Educational Grants Program Manager, Unity. “In addition to educational resources and courses, Code Coven’s new Solstice Accelerator program will empower diverse new creators, empowering them to design and build meaningful social impact experiences through high-quality workshops and one-on-one mentorship. “

Code Coven is thrilled to partner with such strong partners for this project. By having these key industry players to help fuel this project, it helps Code Coven in the organization’s goal for the global empowerment of marginalized developers. Riot Games believes the Solstice program is a great new opportunity for underrepresented developers to take that leap.

“We believe the path to a more inclusive industry is best through collective action. This partnership with Code Coven will allow us to provide a unique opportunity for underrepresented creators and entrepreneurs who have traditionally been overlooked in gaming,” said said Farah Sutton, Senior Manager of D&I Strategic Partnerships, Riot Games, “With the tools and resources provided through the Solstice program, Accelerator participants will be ready to bring their projects to market.”

Since Code Coven’s inception, the team has supported over 450 marginalized game developers from 35 countries.