Product Madness Unveils Game Development Incubator Program | Pocket

Product Madness has launched Madness Ventures – a one-of-a-kind incubator program designed to help game developers create, test and market their new free-to-play, chance-based mobile games.

Through this program, Product Madness hopes to foster the creation of genre-defining titles.

Vice President of Strategy and Business Development Zvika Pakula said, “Madness Ventures is a dream incubator for ambitious game experts and developers with an innovative, free-to-play mobile game idea built around chance.”

“Product Madness’ unique approach to game development brings together the best of visual design, digital entertainment and marketing. With a catalog of globally successful titles developed in-house, we look forward to leveraging our proven approach to supporting the next generation of game developers. Our team’s passion for innovation and creativity is at the heart of Madness Ventures, and I believe a program like this has never been seen before,” added Pakula.

The USP of the incubator program is the level of support offered by Product Madness, which has published titles such as Heart of Vegas and Lightning Link.

In addition to this, developers will have the opportunity to obtain funding at each stage of incubation. Successful applicants will also have access to company resources and talent.

Madness Ventures separates the development process into three incubator stages: basic prototyping and testing, full prototype, and strategic partnerships. The funding and advice will allow developers to use the company’s expertise when developing games.

At the same time, Madness Ventures provides creative independence to developers, giving them full ownership of developed IPs.

Earlier this year, Product Madness opened a new studio in Spain.