Star Wars Eclipse: New Leaks Reveal Open-World Game Design and More Features

Star Wars Eclipse is an upcoming title from Quantic Dream, and new leaks seem to hint at what’s to come in the next game from the iconic franchise.

Several elements of the game have been revealed, and it looks like fans will be getting a crossover between The Last of Us and Jedi Fallen Order.

While nothing is confirmed by the developers themselves, we can only hope that at least some of what was leaked turns out to be legitimately the case.

Here’s everything you need to know about the latest Star Wars Eclipse leaks and what players can expect to see when it’s finally released.

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Star Wars Eclipse Leaks

Recognized industry insider AccountNGT recently confirmed the following regarding the game, stating that the game will be an open-world title with an action-adventure base:

“Recap of Everything I Know About Quantic Dream’s Upcoming Projects

  • star wars eclipse
  • Action-Adventure
  • Based on interactive storytelling
  • open world
  • Quantic Dream Montreal is working on the multiplayer, gameplay and level design aspects
  • Traditional action gameplay (like Jedi Fallen Order for combat for an example)
  • A mix of story and gameplay (The Last Of Us was inspired by it)
  • Quantic Dream Montreal is working on gameplay prototypes
  • They are struggling to hire staff”

While the general feeling seems to be one of player excitement, some are cautious about the upcoming title.

One gamer noted on Twitter in reaction to the leaks: “Yikes. Sounds like a nightmare to develop given the engine they’re working with.

“I wish the developers the best, but this is incredibly ambitious and if the rumors of a poor work culture are correct, such a demanding project could end up overwhelming a lot of people.”
Hopefully Quantum Dream lives up to the expectations of Star Wars Eclipse fans!

Quantum Dream also released Heavy Rain, Detroit: Become Human, Fahrenheit, Nomad Soul, and Beyond 2 Souls, so they have a pretty good track record in story-driven games.

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