The fate of the KOTOR remake is uncertain and development of the game has been halted

Development on the new Knights of the Old Republic remake has been halted as Saber Interactive and Aspyr Media fired major game developers.

The fate of the next KOTOR remake on PS5 remains uncertain. Sources said Bloomberg that the KOTOR Remake was put on ice and that Aspyr recently fired two top developers: Brad Prince, KOTOR Remake’s design director who hired 25 level designers and has 20 years of experience in AAA game development; and art director Jason Minor, who has been with Aspyr for 3 years.

Reports seem to suggest that the game’s preview demo (also known as “vertical slice”) may have disappointed partners Sony and Lucasfilm, leading Aspyr to fire Prince and Minor and halt production of the game. The installment may have cost too much money and time, a source suggested to Bloomberg, and fully developing the game as featured in the installment would just be too expensive.

It is also reported that the KOTOR remake will have action-based combat similar to Final Fantasy 15 or NiOhmaking it a very complex (and very expensive) video game.

It comes at a difficult time in the games industry where publishers are canceling projects, tightening their belts and resisting the loss of big hits due to COVID-19 work-from-home disruptions at several global studios.

Aspyr is a relatively small developer with around 200 employees and is best known for re-releases of older Star Wars games and works on third-party licensed projects like Civilization VI and more recently a game called Mythforce. Aspyr was acquired by Saber Interactive in 2021 for $100 million. The company made $41 million in revenue throughout 2020.

Aspyr too acquired Beamdogthe studio behind the Baldur’s Gate reissues.