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Studio Trinity Team, the developers behind the smash hit ‘Slaps and Beans’ crowdfunding and global publisher 101XP are delighted to announce that the prologue to The Darkest Tales, their action platformer game – 2D adventure, is officially available for download on Steam for PC, starting today.

In The Darkest Tales – Into the Nightmare, players follow the adventure of Teddy, a grumpy old bear brought back to life to save its owner Alicia, and Lighty, a chatty glowing orb fairy, as they embark on a journey through warped fairy tale planes inhabited by bloodthirsty enemies and biting platforms.

First level:

What would Little Red Riding Hood do to the Big Bad Wolf if she had two sharp daggers and a thirst for blood? Step into the nightmare and see once harmonious lands transformed into hostile lands, filled with hungry Mechanical Wolves and devious Flaming Bats. Proceed carefully and keep your eyes peeled, because you could be next on his menu.

Level two:

Could Jack ever climb the Beanstalk if it was covered with thorns, carnivorous plants, and haunted by a deadly thunderstorm? Eat the famous beans, learn to play with magic, and use your best skills to fight your way to the top of this ruthlessly dangerous climb. Be careful though, because Teddy is only made of fabric!

Main characteristics:

Get your hands on razor-sharp enchanted weapons and jump, slice, and blast your way through anyone that stands in your way.
Grow your skill tree to learn a ton of new tricks that include faster healing, increased damage, and more!
You might remember it differently… Fight with a ton of once friendly, now deadly fairy tale characters turned evil bosses. The first one standing? A double blade wielding, fooling Little Red Riding Hood.
Fully voiced characters, a rich story filled with recognizable fairy tales, and gorgeous yet haunting landscapes and levels.

“When we first started working on The Darkest Tales, we wanted to create a dark fairytale world for curious adventurers and genre lovers to explore, take on and get lost.” said Marco Agricola, co-founder of Trinity Team. “We are proud to release the final version of our two-level prologue to Steam today and officially invite all those who have the courage to step into the nightmare… and come out victorious! “

“The Darkest Tales is an immersive experience, featuring beautiful maps and terrains filled with familiar yet spooky fairy tale characters and intense boss fights,” said Aleksandra Volskaya, Head of Brand Management and public relations at 101XP. “We can’t wait to hear what players think about our prologue, and are incredibly excited to reveal everything to come as the title prepares for a full release.”

Players can jump into the first two full levels of this future release by downloading the game completely free from Steam now.

All progress saved in the prologue will automatically carry over to the full version of The Darkest Tales at launch.

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