Turkey’s game development sector raised $266 million last year, local market also up

Gaming revenue in Turkey crossed the billion mark in 2021. The market now generates more than $1.2 billion annually. This came at a time when local game development has become one of the country’s top investment sectors.

Total gaming revenue in the region grew 26% last year, agency says GAMES IN TURKEY said in his last report. This is quite a significant step for the market which has not shown such momentum for years.

The mobile sector of the gaming market has been the main driver of this growth. It rose 27% to $620 million. The PC games segment also performed well, growing from $230 million in 2020 to $300 million in 2021 (+23.3%).

As for the investment situation, the local game development community received around $266 million last year. This sum is smaller compared to the figures for 2020, when Zynga paid $1.8 billion for cutting edge gamesbut still impressive.

To be clear, local gaming companies raised $2.4 billion between 2015 and 2020. If we exclude the Peak Games story from the equation, we find that the Turkish gaming sector only received $600. million through M&A deals in five years. Considering those numbers, $266 million raised in one year sounds good.

It should also be noted that game development has become one of the best entrepreneurial ecosystems in Turkey. The industry is responsible for the majority of IT investment transactions in the region (54).

According to the report, game studios accounted for the vast majority of investments (48). 22 of the 48 game companies that received money are developing or publishing mobile games in the hyper-casual genre.

The full search contains over 200 pages. The majority of them cover different market numbers. There is therefore no point in going through all the stuff, unless you cover the few basics:

  • 78% of adults in Turkey play mobile games;
  • 52% of mobile gamers are men and 48% are women;
  • 46% of mobile gamers play weekly for 10+ hours;
  • 47% of mobile gamers play 2-3 times a day;
  • the favorite game genre of mobile gamers in Turkey is Puzzle/Trivia/Word games;
  • there are more than 2636 Turkish publishers on Google Play;
  • only 21% of games from Turkish publishers are available on both Google Play and App Store.

Besides, the WN Conference will take place in Istanbul in June. This event is dedicated to the current state of the Turkish game development sphere and market. You can read more about it here.